things i’ve learned in biology

 I learned the fastest man in the world took steroids and then when they found out he was disqulified for using steroids his record was erased for using the =m and for men steroids can affect the testicles ,the bone growth and  hair growth for women it affects their voice, body structure, and reproductive system if an athelete uses steroids they could get thrown out of the sport for good i learned that when your mucles are relaxed you get knocked out then if you fall 30 stories you wont get one scratch and that your bones can bend at least one inch and i learned that a woman can take more pain than a man so far now ilearned about seven animals the bull frog,the leopard frog,the stonefly, the fresh water sponge,the sea sponge,and the fiddler crab and the hissing cockroach we did an expirement on the bullfrog and the leopard frog to see how far they jumped. the bull frog jumped the farthest the leopard frog jumped the longest we also did an expirement on the stone flys to see if they could do pushups    



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